Where to stay in Turin: best areas and neighborhoods

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Capital of Piedmont, Turin is one of the most elegant and distinctive cities in northern Italy. Mainly known for the Egyptian Museum, one of the oldest in the world, and the Mole Antonelliana that stands majestically in the city skyline, Turin is an ideal destination for those who love to visit museums, cinemas and theatres and participate in a variety of cultural events, but that isn't everything!

If you fancy a weekend break or a longer stay in the city, here is a guide on where to sleep in Turin, insights into the best neighbourhoods and accommodation to choose from.

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Useful tips: the best neighborhoods to stay in Turin


Target Area Rates from
Stay on a budget Cavoretto €40,00
Madonna del Pilone €45,00
Lingotto €40,00
Families Centro €75,00
Crocetta €70,00
San Donato €65,00
Young San Salvario €60,00
Cenisia €65,00
Vanchiglia €60,00

For those who are visiting Turin for the first time and want to immerse themselves in the beating heart of the city, we absolutely recommend staying in the most central districts, ie the ones in the historic centre, such as Centro and San Salvario. Here everything you need is at your fingertips: restaurants, museums and nightlife.

Alternatively, if you are traveling with your family and prefer residential and quieter areas, opt for the elegant district of Crocetta, well connected to the centre. Another good solution is San Donato. Finally, for those who love to get away from the urban chaos but not too much, Turin offers beautiful green areas located in the hills beyond the river: we recommend Cavoretto and Madonna del Pilone. These options are also ideal for those who want to stay on a budget, being a much cheaper area than the centre, without having to make any sacrifices.
If you are looking for nightlife, San Salvario and Cenisia are the most suitable places, as well as Vanchiglia.

Best accommodation: we have selected the best hotels, B&Bs and hostels in Turin. Check out our recommendations and make your reservation on Booking.

Our Favorite Turin Hotels

Category Recommended Accommodation
👑 5 star / luxury Principi di PiemonteTurin Palace Hotel
🛎️ B&b & mid-range Best Quality Hotel Gran MogolBEST WESTERN Hotel Luxor
🎒 Hostel and low-cost Lungo il PoOstello Torino
🏡 Vacation rental / apartments La Casa di RinghieraInto Apartments - Regina

Is Turin safe? There are some areas which are not recommended. The Barriera Milano and Le Vallette neighbourhoods, distant neighbourhoods where it is not advisable to go out alone in the evening. Aurora is a border area, as it borders Barriera Milano, and is a popular and multi-ethnic neighbourhood, it is not entirely recommended but not completely to be avoided, however it deserves to be discovered during the day.

Centro, the best for first-timers

skyline di torino The Centre of Turin is without a doubt the most dynamic area of the whole city as it combines history, culture and entertainment. In this district you will find the most famous attractions, including the Egyptian Museum, the National Cinema Museum and the Mole Antonelliana, with its 167 metre spire (once one of the tallest buildings in the world). Also here are two of the most important historic buildings in the city, namely Palazzo Madama and the beautiful Palazzo Reale.

If during the day the centre hosts cultural events of all kinds, in the evening the area comes alive with the most sparkling nightlife especially at the height of the Quadrilatero Romano, the west area of the Centro district, considered the hub of nightlife and gastronomy, full of clubs! That is why we advise you to choose accommodation in this neighbourhood regardless of the reason for your visit to the city, you will find art, culture, entertainment and any amenities you may need! Just bear in mind it is quite expensive.

For a more authentic experience, you might want to consider the small and historic district of Cit Turin, on the western side of the centre: this is the only district that has kept its name in Piedmontese.

In this neighbourhood you can easily get around on foot, but it is still served by the Re Umberto metro station, and the Porta Nuova and Porta Susa train stations.

Average prices in the neighborhood range from about €75,00 for low-cost accommodation to €200,00 for more expensive options - compare the best accommodation on booking

Accommodation Description
Best Quality Hotel Gran Mogol Hotel with 24-hour reception, parking, bar, room service and excellent breakfast. Pets Allowed. Ideal for families and couples
San Quintino B&B Very close to Porta Nuova Station, it offers comfortable and spacious rooms with private bathroom. Ideal for families, couples and groups
La Casa di Ringhiera Exceptional apartment in the centre with 2 bedrooms, kitchen and panoramic terrace. Ideal for families, couples and small groups
Principi di Piemonte Luxury hotel located 2 minutes from the Egyptian Museum. The property includes multiple lounges, a gourmet restaurant and a 24-hour reception. Ideal for couples

San Salvario, perfect for nightlife

torino parco del valentino Considered by many to be the quintessential district of Turin's nightlife, San Salvario is ideal for young people who want to have fun and go clubbing. In addition, if you are a university student, the historic seat of the Faculty of Architecture is here.
On the other hand, it is not recommended for families or those seeking tranquillity, precisely because of the levels, sometimes even a little exaggerated, of the nightlife. Although the neighbourhood has been redeveloped in recent years, it is still possible to encounter drug dealers, especially in the innermost part. We therefore advise you to consider the part beyond Corso Marconi for accommodation.

However, overlooking the Po, there is lots to do during the day, including the possibility of taking long walks along the riverside or inside the splendid Valentino Park. Also not to be missed is the Medieval Village, a reconstruction of an ancient village, a really immersive experience.

The neighbourhood is not far from the centre, it is also served by the Marconi and Le Molinette metro stations (yellow line M1). There are also numerous trams that take you directly to the centre from here (Parco San Valentino-Mole Antonelliana tram 16 CD, 20 min).

Average prices in the neighborhood range from about €60,00 for low-cost accommodation to €190,00 for more expensive options - compare the best accommodation on booking

Accommodation Description
Tomato Backpackers Hotel Ideal for young people and those who do not want to spend too much. Private rooms or mixed dorms with 4 beds available
B&B Casa Nizza Simple and comfortable, it offers rooms with private entrance, private parking and a small kitchen. Ideal for families, couples and groups
Casa Raffaello Turin Large apartment overlooking the Po. It includes a bedroom, a living room, equipped kitchen and a bathroom with Jacuzzi bath. Ideal for families and couples
Duparc Contemporary Suites 4-star hotel with modern furnishings, spa and wellness centre, gym, parking, restaurant and many other services. Availability of family rooms and pets allowed. Ideal for families and couples

Crocetta, perfect for families

la crocetta c galileo ferraris Among the safest and best-kept neighbourhoods in Turin, Crocetta undoubtedly ranks first. From the refinement of the Art Nouveau buildings to the large pedestrian areas, this residential area is characterized by a high quality of life. Here you will find attractions such as the famous Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (GAM).

Being very quiet, it is perfect for those travelling as a family. The district of Crocetta is also very close to the centre and the nightlife areas: that's why, in our opinion, staying here is the best choice to fully discover everything Turin has to offer.

From here, you can easily reach the centre on foot along the tree-lined Corso Galileo Ferraris. It is also served by the Re Umberto and Vinzaglio metro stations (yellow line M1). There are also numerous trams that cover the whole area (GAM-Mole Antonelliana tram 15 10 min, 2.4 km on foot, 30 min). Furthermore, it lies halfway between the railway stations of Porta Nuova and Porta Susa, therefore also ideal if you are planning several excursions in the surrounding area by train.

Average prices in the neighborhood range from about €70,00 for low-cost accommodation to €230,00 for more expensive options - compare the best accommodation on booking

Accommodation Description
BEST WESTERN Hotel Luxor Hotel with impeccable service and excellent continental breakfast. Ideal for families, couples
Gianduja B&B With classic-style furnishings and a large shared outdoor space, it offers super cozy double rooms. Ideal for couples
Appartamento di design in crocetta - Politecnico Apartment near the Politecnico, with kitchen, living room and one bedroom. Ideal for couples or small groups of friends
Turin Palace Hotel Luxurious hotel opposite the train station, with spa and gym. Ideal for couples

Vanchiglia, Borgo Rossini, nice for young

torino lungopo 03 North of the centre, Vanchiglia is one of the neighbourhoods that has grown the most in recent times due to its strategic position, a few steps from the centre and from Piazza Vittorio Veneto. Its growth is also due to the fact that more and more clubs and restaurants are opening here.
Borgo Rossini is located in the most north-western part, an area full of cafes, tree-lined avenues and shops, ideal for families.

It hosts the Einaudi Campus, so it is an area populated mainly by students and young people, and is very lively especially at weekends. It is also pretty good for families, in fact there are lots of green areas with cycle paths and areas to relax, but there are better neighbourhoods to choose from if you are traveling with your family.

By staying here, you can easily move on foot. In fact, taking the Campus as a reference, Piazza Vittorio Veneto can be reached with a walk through the streets of the centre (1.4 km, 18 min), the same goes for Mole (800 m, 11 min).

Average prices in the neighborhood range from about €60,00 for low-cost accommodation to €250,00 for more expensive options - compare the best accommodation on booking

Accommodation Description
Mansarda in Vanchiglia Entire apartment for up to 6 people, views of the city and equipped kitchen. Ideal for groups of friends
B&B la casa di Arturo B&B with large rooms, flat screen TV and parking. Bicycle rental available. Ideal for couples, families and groups
Napi House Appartamento 120 sqm apartment, with large rooms and equipped kitchen, near the Po river. Parking and pets allowed. Ideal for groups and families
Hotel dei Pittori 4-star hotel with large and elegant rooms. Parking, family rooms, pets allowed. Ideal for families and couples

Cenisia, good for everyone

Cenisia, located west of the centre, is a neighbourhood suitable for everyone, in a very good location between Corso Vittorio, Corso Peschiera, Corso Trapani and Corso Castelfidardo. On the one side, it borders Cit Turin, a small historic district with Libery architecture, and on the other, the beautiful district of Crocetta. There are no major attractions, but it is still an ideal area to stay.

If you are traveling as a family, we recommend that you stay in the area bordering Crocetta and Corso Castelfidardo, full of services of all kinds.On the other hand, if you are looking for nightlife, know that this is a fairly new area frequented by many students, because the Polytechnic of Turin is just a stone's throw away.

Staying here, you can move on foot to discover the neighbouring districts or use public transport to get to the centre (reference stop Palagiustizia, up to Mole Antonelliana, bus 68 or 55, 20 min). The neighbourhood is also served by Porta Susa station, ideal if you have organized train trips in the surrounding area.

Average prices in the neighborhood range from about €65,00 for low-cost accommodation to €190,00 for more expensive options - compare the best accommodation on booking

Accommodation Description
Cenisia & Porta Susa Roomy Flat Bright and modern apartment for up to 4 people. Equipped kitchen and two bedrooms. Ideal for families and small groups
B&B A spasso per Torino Rooms with all services and flat screen TV, breakfast and family rooms available. Ideal for couples and families
Il Fiocco Di Torino 35 sqm apartment with kitchen and city views. Ideal for couples
Hotel Ferrucci Turin Hotel with rooms equipped with all services, 24-hour reception and room service. Ideal for couples and families

San Donato, good for families

parco dora torino San Donato is located northwest of the centre and is a neighbourhood characterized by stately palaces and elegant buildings, with wide avenues. The main streets are Luigi Cibrario street and Umbria avenue, which divide the area into three parts. There are no particular attractions, it is mainly a residential area with wonderful green spaces, such as Parco Dora.

Given the tranquillity and the distance from the main nightlife centres, this area is especially recommended for families with children as you will be near all necessary services, such as restaurants, shops and clubs. You will find yourself a little further from the centre, but the area is served by several bus and tram stops (from Parco Dora to Mole Antonelliana tram 3, 33 min). Furthermore, Porta Susa railway station is not too far away.

Average prices in the neighborhood range from about €65,00 for low-cost accommodation to €190,00 for more expensive options - compare the best accommodation on booking

Accommodation Description
Alma Clara B&B B&B in a historic building, rooms with balcony and TV. Ideal for couples and families
Casa Clemente in Cit Turin Apartment for up to 4 people, equipped kitchen, large rooms and all services. Ideal for families and groups
Into Apartments - Regina Elegant apartments with fully equipped kitchens, free parking and city views. Pets Allowed. Ideal for families, couples, and small groups
Qualys Hotel Royal Torino 4-star hotel with restaurant and parking. Pets Allowed. Ideal for families and couples

Cavoretto (Borgo Po), to stay on a budget

parco europa torino cavorett Located on the other side of the Po, in the larger Borgo Po district, Cavoretto is a relaxing and affordable neighbourhood, often chosen by the Turinese themselves as a place to escape from the chaos of the city centre. It is also ideal for those on a budget.

The hilly area of Turin is ideal for those wishing to make small half-day excursions: among the main attractions, we point out Victory Lighthouse, dedicated to the winged Goddess and a destination for all mountain bike enthusiasts. On the other hand, if you are a lover of baroque villas, Villa della Regina, a real masterpiece of Savoy Turin is located here.

The neighbourhood is quite far from the centre compared to those seen so far (from the Mole Antoneliiana 5.7 km, 1 h 15 min on foot). It does not have its own metro station, but that of Le Molinette, in the nearby district of San Salvario, to which it is connected by the Balbis Bridge, is worth considering.

Average prices in the neighborhood range from about €40,00 for low-cost accommodation to €150,00 for more expensive options - compare the best accommodation on booking

Accommodation Description
Oasi Di Cavoretto Splendid structure surrounded by greenery, with a restaurant and comfortable rooms. Ideal for families, couples, groups
San Rocco Turin Apartment in a quiet area, ideal for families with children
Casa Zara Turin Large apartment with two bedrooms, TV, equipped kitchen. Ideal for families and groups of friends

Madonna del Pilone, to stay on a budget

basilica di superga 1 Another very nice hilly neighbourhood on the side of Borgo Po is Madonna del Pilone, located on the north-eastern border of the city. Named in honour of the Madonna del Pilone, to whom a church of the same name in the neighbourhood is also dedicated (which you can find in Corso Casale, 195), this historic district initially consisted of a wooded and wild area. Only later, were elegant villas such as Villa Galligaris and Villa Paradiso built on the hill, some of which can still be visited.

On top of the hill is one of the most interesting attractions in the area, the Basilica of Superga, built in 1715 as a thank you to the Virgin Mary and more than 70 metres tall. A sad tragedy of Turin is also linked to this hill, known as Superga air disaster, a plane carrying the entire Torino football team crashed here, there were no survivors.

The area is ideal for saving money and finding excellent accommodation at affordable prices . The reference station is Sassi, from which the funicular departs to get to Superga, which is also connected to the centre (Sassi-Mole Antonelliana bus line 68 or 61, 20 min, tram 15, 25 min).

Average prices in the neighborhood range from about €45,00 for low-cost accommodation to €160,00 for more expensive options - compare the best accommodation on booking

Accommodation Description
Parco Sassi Hotel Located in a large green area, it offers comfortable rooms in a classic style. Ideal for couples
Appartamento Corso Casale Spacious apartment with terrace, large garden and access to restaurant. Ideal for families and couples
Lungo il Po Quiet B&B with large rooms. Pets Allowed. Ideal for couples, friends and families
Hotel Ponte Sassi Simple hotel equipped with all services, such as room service, free parking and garden. Pets Allowed. Ideal for couples and families

Lingotto, the best for workers and students

museo nazionale dell automobile Separate from the rest of the city, but still well connected by the metro, Lingotto is the favourite neighbourhood of those who work or study in Turin, but is also for those who want to have a wide choice of accommodation at reasonable prices.

Among the main attractions in the area, it is impossible not to mention the Automobile Museum, the skyscraper or the large 8 Gallery shopping centre, a must for shopping enthusiasts! the Lingotto Fiere Torino, convention centre that hosts numerous events throughout the year, is also here.

This district is the furthest from the centre, but it is served by the Torino Lingotto railway station and the Lingotto metro station (yellow line M1). The whole area is covered by various tram and bus routes (Lingotto-Mole Antoneliana bus route 18 , 20 min).

Average prices in the neighborhood range from about €40,00 for low-cost accommodation to €190,00 for more expensive options - compare the best accommodation on booking

Accommodation Description
Hotel Astor Torino Modern hotel near the Olympic Stadium. Pets allowed and excellent breakfast. Ideal for families, couples and groups
Ostello Torino Clean and basic hostel, ideal for young people and those on a budget
NH Torino Lingotto 4-star hotel with parking, restaurant, gym and 24-hour reception. Availability of family rooms and pets allowed. Ideal for families and business travellers

Places to stay near Turin

//wheretosleepnearturin Besides being a very beautiful city, Turin is also located in a splendid food and wine location of Piedmont, a short distance from vineyards and some of the best known villages in northern Italy. Below, we have selected three where you can stay overnight a short distance from the Mole Antonelliana or use them as a base for day trips to discover the entire region.

  • Ivrea (54 km / 54 minutes): a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2018, Ivrea is the capital of the Canavese area, known for its very special Carnival. Ideal base for traveling to the Gran Paradiso National Park. Car required - Compare accommodation on booking.com
  • Vercelli (80 km / 1 hour): on the right bank of the Sesia, it is a very pretty town, inserted between the stages of the pilgrimage route "Via Francigena". Together with Turin and Asti, it is also one of the great art cities of Piedmont. Base to discover other cities such as Novara and Alessandria, or to get to Milan. Connected by direct regional train (1 h) - Compare accommodation on booking.com
  • Asti (55 km / 50 minutes): enchanting Lombard duchy known all over the world for its Asti spumante and for the Festival of the Asti. Perfect for discovering the Langhe region (Asti-Alba 27 mins by car) - Compare accommodation on booking.com

If you are in Turin for business or as a one-day stopover to other destinations, consider sleeping near the airport. Find the best solutions and selected hotels on Booking.com

Turin accommodation price map


Guide to the areas of Turin

//recommendedneighborhoodsturin Turin may seem like a small city when compared to nearby Milan, but the city is still divided into 34 districts.

The main tourist area and ideal for staying in is obviously the centre, full of charm and cultural attractions, but also San Salvario and Crocetta, for their liveliness. On the other side of the Po river, we recommend Cavoretto and Madonna del Pilone (for the large green areas) and the independent district of Lingotto, which has good connections to the centre.

If you go to Turin to watch Juventus play, and that is your only reason for visiting, you should stay in Vallette, 7 km from the centre but very close to the Juventus Stadium. Vallette is not, however, recommended for tourists.

Cool things to do in Turin


Turin's mix of history, art, and culinary delights makes it a captivating destination with a wide range of activities to enjoy. Here are some cool things to do:

  • Visit the iconic Mole Antonelliana: a symbol of Turin. Inside, you'll find the National Cinema Museum, offering a fascinating journey through the history of cinema. Info, prices and booking
  • Explore Egyptian Museum (Museo Egizio): Turin is home to one of the most important Egyptian museums in the world. The Egyptian Museum houses an extensive collection of artifacts, including mummies and ancient treasures. Info, prices and bookings
  • Relax in Parco del Valentino: a beautiful park along the Po River. It's a perfect place for a leisurely stroll, and you can also visit the medieval-style Valentino Castle within the park.
  • Experience Turin's café culture: visit historic cafes like Caffè Mulassano or Caffè Al Bicerin. Try the local specialty, Bicerin, a delicious layered drink of coffee, chocolate, and cream. Info, prices and booking
  • Eataly Torino: Immerse yourself in Italian gastronomy at Eataly Torino, a massive food emporium offering high-quality Italian products, restaurants, and culinary workshops.

Travel tips

  1. Torino+Piemonte Card: it's the best card to save a lot of money. The card offers free entrance to the main cultural sites like Museo Egizio, Mole Antonelliana, Venaria Reale, Royal Museum, ... Check it out for more info.
  2. Transports: Turin is very well served by public transport. The very centre is perfect to visit on foot, to get around best solutions are buses and trams. You can use the daily ticket for both solutions. Bikes are commonly used, car is not recommended due to traffic. Better rely on Uber. Airport is quite close, 20 km from the town, the GTT train and the bus line "Torino Centro - Torino Airport" run from the airport to the centre in about 30 minutes.
  3. Public Wi-Fi: Turin provides free Wi-Fi in certain public spaces, such as parks, squares, and some public buildings. These networks are often labeled as "Turin Wi-Fi" or similarly named. To access them, you may need to register with some basic information.
  4. Language: While Italian is the official language, English is generally spoken in tourist areas. It's helpful to learn a few basic Italian phrases, which locals often appreciate.
  5. Best areas/clubs for nightlife: nightlife mainly centers around the main squares: Piazza Castello and Piazza San Carlo, defining the border of the Roman Quadrilateral, and Piazza Vittorio Veneto, overlooking the Po River. Here go to the clubs on the "Murazzi", along the riverbank. The quintessential nightlife district is San Salvario. Best clubs and bars are Disco Life, Vogue Disco Club, Gianca - Murazzi, Flora, Gørilla, Caffe' Torino, Dash Cocktail Bar & Street Food
  6. Shopping: Explore Turin's shopping districts, such as Via Roma and Via Garibaldi, for fashion, boutiques, and local products. The city is known for its high-quality craftsmanship.
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