Where to stay in Budapest: best areas and neighborhoods

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Budapest is one of the most fascinating capitals in Europe, ideal for weekend breaks, easy to get around on foot, and with hidden treasures around every corner! The key thing to know is that the centre is divided into two parts: Buda, or the upper town, the oldest part, and Pest, the lower and more modern part. In both there are attractions and things to see!

If you are planning a weekend in this destination, which is very cheap compared to other European capitals, you must choose the area to stay carefully! So here are all our tips on where to sleep in Budapest.

Useful tips: the best neighborhoods to stay in Budapest

//wheretosleepinbudapest The centre of Budapest is divided into two parts by the Danube: Buda, the oldest part, and Pest, the more modern part with more services.
In Buda, the main recommended area is District I Várkerület, which includes many of the main attractions and is a very quiet area in the evening, suitable for families.

In Pest, there are many interesting districts. The most central is District V Lipótváros-Belvaros, full of services, attractions and nightlife, but it also has some quieter areas recommended for families.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for the nightlife, choose District VII Erzsébetváros, where the famous ruin pubs of Budapest are located, or District VI Terézváros, which develops along the Andrassy Boulevard, full of places to spend the night.
Finally, the best areas for those on a budget are the aforementioned District VII Erzsébetváros and Distirict VIII Józsefváros.

  • Recommended areas to stay on a budget: District VII Erzsébetváros (Pest), District VIII Józsefváros (Pest)
  • Recommended areas for families with children: District I Várkerület (Buda), District V Lipótváros-Belvaros (Pest)
  • Recommended areas for young people: District VII Erzsébetváros (Pest), District V Lipótváros-Belvaros (Pest), District VI Terézváros (Pest)
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Guide to the areas of Budapest

Apart from the easier distinction of Budapest in the districts of Buda and Pest, naturally divided by the course of the Danube, the city is divided into 23 districts. The districts are identifiable both in Roman numerals (from I to XXIII), and names in Hungarian. Only districts I, II, III, XI, XII and XXII are located on the bank of Buda, all the others are on the opposite bank of Pest.

The best districts are obviously the most central ones, i.e. those that develop near the Danube and the Chain Bridge, the most famous bridge. Specifically, we are talking about the districts: I Várkerület and V Lipótváros-Belvaros, the most central of all; District VI Terézváros develops along Andrassy Boulevard; District VII Erzsébetváros, fulcrum of nightlife and where the most famous ruin pubs are located; and finally District VIII Józsefváros, full of museums, quiet and very affordable.

Not recommended areas: the more peripheral districts, those outside the districts we have already mentioned. In addition to being distant and without particular attractions, they are also to be avoided in the evening.

Buda / District I Várkerület

buda castello pest budapest fiume 2 One of the best districts to stay if you are looking for attractions and tranquillity. District I Várkerület is the main district of Buda, where some of the most important attractions are located, such as the Buda Castle and the Fishermen's Bastion. A few steps away, in the XI district, are the Citadella and the most beautiful thermal baths in the city, the Gellért Baths.

It is the perfect district for families and those not interested in nightlife. It is very busy and lively during the day, but quieter in the evening, as everyone moves to Pest. However, there is no shortage of restaurants, shops and services, and from all over the district you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Parliament and the Pest bank!
From here, it is very easy to move around the city and you can easily do it on foot: to reach Pest you just have to cross the famous Chain Bridge, which connects the two banks of the Danube. Alternatively, the entire district is served by trams and buses.

Average prices in the neighborhood range from about €30,00 for low-cost accommodation to €300,00 for more expensive options - compare the best accommodation on booking

Accommodation Description
Monastery Boutique Hotel Budapest Boutique Hotel 600 metres from the Fishermen's Bastion. Rooms with private bathroom, restaurant and room service, private parking. Ideal for couples
Bellevue Budapest B&B B&B 3 min walk from the castle, with very affordable prices. On-site parking, pets allowed, family rooms available (max 4 people). Ideal for couples and families
J&M Chain Bridge Apartment Apartment for up to 4 adults, with city views, equipped kitchen, washing machine, one bedroom and one sofa bed. Ideal for small groups of friends or families
Hilton Budapest 5-star hotel, next to the Fishermen's Bastion and Matthias Church. Luxurious and fully equipped rooms, restaurant, gym, sauna and massage service. Ideal for couples and families

Pest / District V Lipótváros-Belvaros

budapest parlamento District V Lipótváros-Belvaros is probably the best district to stay in Budapest. Located on the opposite bank from District I, in the area of Pest, some of the main sights are here, such as the Parliament, the St. Stephen's Basilica, the famous squares of Vörösmarty tér and Erzsébet tér (with the Ferris wheel) and Váci Utca, the most important street.

It is an area suitable for everyone! Families are advised to stay in the northernmost area, around the Parliament. If you are looking for nightlife and entertainment, look for accommodation in the area between Vörösmarty tér square and Váci Utca, full of clubs and entertainment, just a few steps from the most famous ruin pubs. Those looking for an alternative and not too touristy atmosphere, should look for accommodation around Raday Utca street, in the southern part of the district, considered the Soho of Budapest.

Prices in this district are a bit higher than average, but you can still find very cheap accommodation, ideal if you are traveling on a budget. In addition, staying here will make it easy to get around on foot.

Average prices in the neighborhood range from about €40,00 for low-cost accommodation to €350,00 for more expensive options - compare the best accommodation on booking

Accommodation Description
Promenade City Hotel Hotel located on the famous Váci Utca street. Rooms with bathroom, buffet breakfast, 24-hour reception. Parking on site. Ideal for families, couples and small groups (rooms for up to 3 people)
Pal's Hostel and Apartments Hostel opposite St. Stephen's Basilica. Choice of rooms with private or shared bathroom and small apartments. WiFi , shared kitchen, pets allowed. Ideal for young people
Anabelle Bed and Breakfast B&B in a very central location, 100 m from the Parliament. Rooms with TV, coffee machine, electric kettle and private bathroom. Pets Allowed. Ideal for couples and families
Budapest Marriott Hotel 5-star hotel, one of the most beautiful in Budapest. All 364 rooms offer views of the Danube. Elegant rooms and suites with all services, restaurant, room service and gym. Ideal for couples and families

Pest / District VI Terézváros

budapest opera 1 1 District VI Terézváros is known as the theatre district. The main attraction is the Opera House, located along the famous Andrassy Boulevard, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and leading from Erzsébet ter to Heroes square. Behind the latter is Városliget park where the Széchenyi Baths are located.

This is an ideal area for those in search of nightlife and those who want to be close to the centre. In Andrassy Boulevard and the neighbouring Oktogon Square, you will find numerous clubs! But it is also possible to stay here as a family. Towards the end of Andrassy Boulevard and around Heroes' Square, it is rather quiet and elegant, and you will also be close to the Municipal Zoo and the Botanical Garden.

Staying here makes it easy to get around on foot but using public transport is recommended: from Heroes Square, the M1 yellow metro takes you directly to the centre in just 5 minutes.

Average prices in the neighborhood range from about €30,00 for low-cost accommodation to €450,00 for more expensive options - compare the best accommodation on booking

Accommodation Description
Ibis Budapest Heroes Square Hotel on heroes square 50 m from the metro station. Rooms with private bathroom and air conditioning, some overlooking the botanical garden. Parking on site. Ideal for families and couples
Avenue Hostel Budapest Hostel located on Andrassy Boulevard, close to the main metro stations. Rooms with both shared and private bathrooms, parking and 24-hour reception. Ideal for young people
Andrassy 91 Apartment Entire 75 square metre apartment, for up to 6 people. With equipped kitchen, lounge and 2 bedrooms. On site parking. Ideal for groups and families
Mirage Medic Hotel Luxurious 4-star hotel housed in a classic 19th century building. A stone's throw from the city park, Heroes Square and the thermal baths. Breakfast service, restaurant and parking. Ideal for couples

Pest / District VII Erzsébetváros

szimpla kert distretto vii Close to District VI Terézváros is District VII Erzsébetváros, the district of Hungarian nightlife! Here, are the famous ruin pubs, including the most famous Szimpla Kert. But not only that, part of the district is occupied by the Jewish Quarter, with the Great Synagogue as a reference point.

It is an area recommended for young people, as well as those who want to immerse themselves in the Hungarian nightlife while also remaining close to the centre. Absolutely not recommended for families or those seeking tranquility. It is also quite an affordable district, where you can find excellent accommodation if you are travelling on a budget.

From here the centre is a short walk away, for example the Great Synagogue is only a 20 minute walk from the Chain Bridge. Alternatively, the district is served by the red M2 metro.

Average prices in the neighborhood range from about €35,00 for low-cost accommodation to €350,00 for more expensive options - compare the best accommodation on booking

Accommodation Description
Nova City Aparthotel Aparthotel with apartments equipped with kitchen, living room and private bathroom. Shared terrace and garden, on-site parking. Ideal for couples, families and young people
Hostel One Budapest Hostel with 6, 8 and 10 bed dorms, shared bathrooms. Hall with computer room, WiFi , parking and evening activities. Ideal for young people
Budapest Ville Bed & Breakfast B&B housed in a historic building. Luggage storage, ironing service and free parking. Ideal for couples
Anantara New York Palace Budapest 5-star hotel with large, elegant and well equipped rooms. Spa and wellness centre, gym, restaurant and room service. Ideal for couples and families

Pest / District VIII Józsefváros

museo nazionale ungherese vista aerea Finally, near District VI Terézváros we find District VIII Józsefváros, one of the quietest and most elegant areas of Budapest. Here, there are important museums such as the Hungarian National Museum, as well as the university and various cultural institutes.

It is an ideal area for families and those seeking tranquillity, without giving up services and proximity to the centre. It is also a very affordable district, ideal for those on a budget. The best solution is to stay in the part of the district closest to the centre, therefore near the National Museum.

Staying here also means the centre is within walking distance, the national museum is only 10 minutes away from Váci Utca. Alternatively, the area is served by the M4 green metro.

Average prices in the neighborhood range from about €30,00 for low-cost accommodation to €200,00 for more expensive options - compare the best accommodation on booking

Accommodation Description
Central Hotel 21 Hotel offering both elegantly designed rooms and apartments. On-site parking, kettle and coffee machine. Ideal for families and couples
Budapest Passage 2 B&B located a few steps from the National Museum and the Central Market, rooms equipped with en suite and refrigerator. Parking on site. Ideal for couples
Danubius Hotel Astoria City Center 4-star hotel just 5 minutes walk from Váci Utca. Restaurant and room service, on-site parking. Ideal for couples
Harmonia Palace Located next to the National Museum, in a 19th century Neo-Renaissance style building. 4-star apartment complex, with modern, luxurious interiors and all amenities. Ideal for couples and families

Places to stay near Budapest

serata citta ponte 2 Despite being a capital, Budapest is a perfect city to visit on a weekend and is very cheap. As we have seen, there are accommodation and offers to suit any traveller, from those traveling with family or friends, to those looking for a Romanesque escape to those who want to stay up late every night! Hostels, 5-star hotels with wonderful views, apartments and B&Bs, there really is something for everyone, even those on a tight budget!

For these reasons, staying outside the city is not recommended, as you would be wasting time travelling, or be spending unnecessarily on public transport. Even if you arrive in the city by car, many hotels and accommodations have parking facilities.

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